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WordPress is a Content Management System widely used to power many websites. It is highly customisable through third-party plugins and themes. Because it powers more than a third of all websites worldwide, creating a WordPress plugin for this spellchecker project was a natural choice to reach larger audience.

Support for other Content Management Systems can be considered in the future. It is also planned a general purpose spellchecker for any website.

The WordPress plugin is available for [spam?]https://sourceforge.net/projects/tsipelina/files/[/spam?] at the Sourceforge website. As for the rest of the project, it is free and opensource. To use this plugin :
- you must use WordPress with latest version (version 5 or later)
- download the plugin and decompress it at wp-content/plugins folder
- activate the plugin
- send me (mahefa-at-homemade.mg) the name of your website. I have to activate your website in the API server

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